What are the types of NDIS financial support?

So, you have been accepted for funding, but did you know there are three distinct types of NDIS support categories? If you are a bit confused by how this works, we have you covered!

Core supports:

Core Supports basic help you to purchase the things you need to live your daily life. Funding for Core Supports is flexible, which means you can use one Support Category’s funds to pay for another support. This will work as long both the items are Core Supports (excluding Category 2 – Transport).

Capital supports:

Capital Supports are one-off items that come around occasionally in order to support you in your daily life. These costs can include assistive technology, like wheelchairs or prosthetics, or modifications to make your home more suitable for you to live in.

Capacity building supports:

Capital building supports enables you to build the skills to become more independent and includes supports such as therapy.

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