What to expect in your NDIS planning meeting

There are many steps on your NDIS journey, but the first is your planning meeting. This is your opportunity to get an NDIS plan you’re happy with, with the funding YOU need to achieve YOUR goals.

Examples of things you will be asked about in your first NDIS planning conversation:

  • your personal details

  • your community and mainstream supports

  • how to manage every day activities

  • your safety, including equipment, accommodation or help to take care of yourself or your home

  • the goals you want to pursue

  • ways to manage your plan

  • the support you need to use your NDIS plan.

Make sure to take your time to answer, be yourself, and advocate for your needs. If you need someone to help you on that journey, we are here for you.

Next steps

At the end of your planning conversation the NDIS official will talk about the next steps, including how your plan will be reviewed and how to start using the funding in your plan. We will step you through this in our next announcement.

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